Progressive Muscle Relaxation Therapy for Hypertension in Elderly at Andalas Public Health Center


  • Helmanis Suci STIKes Alifah Padang
  • Weni Mailita STIKes Alifah Padang



Hypertension, Relaxation, Progressive Muscle Therapy


Data on hypertension patients in Indonesia shows that many patients with high blood pressure die with other comorbidities such as heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes, stroke. Basic Health Research Data (Riskesdas) in 2018 stated that of the total of 1.7 million deaths in Indonesia, the risk factor that caused death was hypertension at 34.1%. Data from the Padang City Health Service in 2020 stated that the Andalas Health Center was ranked first in hypertension cases in Padang City with the number of hypertension sufferers reaching 15,703 sufferers or 9.2% of the total number of hypertension sufferers in the Padang City area. This community service activity was carried out on October 2 2023 at the Andalas Padang Community Health Center, carried out in the form of using lecture, discussion and question and answer methods. The use of the lecture method is combined with the use of laptop and LCD media to display material in Powerpoint and provide health education in the form of progressive muscle training. The results obtained were that this community service activity was carried out for 1 day and was attended by 10 elderly people, where the results of this community service activity were felt directly after progressive muscle movement exercises were carried out. The elderly become more relaxed after practicing this progressive muscle movement. It is hoped that this progressive muscle relaxation movement will also be conveyed to other family and community members so that the family and community will become healthier and ultimately improve the level of public health.

Author Biographies

Helmanis Suci, STIKes Alifah Padang


Weni Mailita, STIKes Alifah Padang