Management of Psychosocial Anxiety Problems in Adolescents with Cyberbullying Incidents in the Working Area of the Andalas Public Health Center


  • Welly STIKes Alifah Padang
  • Edo Gusdiansyah STIKes Alifah Padang



Anxiety, Cyberbullying Incident, Social Media, Teenager


Along with the increasing use of internet access among teenagers, social media access has also increased. With advances in technology, internet users can easily search for information and use social media freely, but excessive use of social media can cause psychosocial problems, namely anxiety, because knowing a lot of information that should not be received. And it is also possible that teenagers experience incidents of cyberbullying or cybercrime. If anxiety is not treated, it will have bad consequences and can cause excessive stress and even depression. This community service activity aims to provide health education to teenagers related to managing anxiety that occurs in teenagers using leaflet media. This activity was carried out on teenagers in the Andalas Padang Health Center working area. Based on the results of community activities, data obtained on severe anxiety among teenagers related to incidents of cyberbullying in teenagers was 68% before the education was carried out and moderate anxiety was 89% after the education was carried out.

Author Biographies

Welly, STIKes Alifah Padang


Edo Gusdiansyah, STIKes Alifah Padang