Improving the Knowledge of Parents About the Management of Febrile Seizures in Children Through Health Education


  • Suriyani Ridham STIKes Panakkukang Makassar
  • Mikawati Rasyid STIKes Panakkukang Makassar
  • Rizky Pratiwi STIKes Panakkukang Makassar



Knowledge, Attitudes, Behavior, Handling, Febrile Seizure


Fever seizures are a condition that is usually experienced by children when there is an increase in body temperature.  The correct knowledge, attitude and behavior of parents are very important in the management of febrile seizures to prevent complications. This community service program aims to provide health education to parents to improve their knowledge, attitudes and behaviors about febrile seizures. This activity was carried out in Salajo Village, South Bontonompo District, Gowa Regency, South Sulawesi Province. The methods used in this community service activity are lecture, demonstration and question and answer methods to 11 parents who have toddlers. Data analysis using the Wilcoxon test The results of the analysis showed that there was an effect of health education on knowledge (p = 0.003), attitudes (p = 0.000) and behavior (p = 0.001) Conclusion: the importance of health education accompanied by demonstrations about handling febrile seizures to mothers or caregivers of children, as an effort to reduce morbidity and mortality rates in children.

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Suriyani Ridham, STIKes Panakkukang Makassar

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Mikawati Rasyid, STIKes Panakkukang Makassar

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Rizky Pratiwi, STIKes Panakkukang Makassar

Program Studi Keperawatan